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Image showing different color of the sun at different time of day

The sun is the source of life Sun have shifting color temperature from sunrise to sundown Our body biological clock (aka circadian rhythms) envolves around the sun Our eyes received the different light wavelenght and will control the level of Melatonin

LED Melatonin

Color Temperature of the Sun

Most lighting company provides only single color options However, at different time of the day, the human receive a different color of light from the sun.

From 2000K at sunrise Sundown 6500K at Noon Shift in color temperature cause our body to be: Highest alertness at Early morning Fastest Reaction at Late Afternoon

color temperature according to sun time

This full biological cycle allows our body to rest and sleep better during the night.

LED hositpal wards 5

Even in high end healthcare center and hositpal, there are many windowless area. Windowless ward or in large ward only some beds are next to the window. Artifical lighting is the only source of light 100% of these light only have one single color There is no cycle or shift in the light The body is constantly be recognise to be only one part of the day, until it jumps to night.

There is no cycles for biological Clocks

Human Bio Light

Combining smart lighting color and smart LED Diode Provides true white color Provides a smooth shift in color temperature (Minor changes to just 1K shift) Adjustable the color temperature from 2000K to 6500K at sunrise and sundown Options from Winter mode & Summer mode As well as adjustable for different regions allowing changes for different regional difference in sunrise and sundown time

sunrise and sundown photo