Lighting Control

When the environment light is high (for example during the daytime) the photocell function will keep the light on. Even motion is detected.

When the environment light is low (for example during the night) the photocell function will turn off .Once motion is detected light will turn on.

After the lamp is turn on. The
lamp will remain on for a certain
period of time (Hold time), then
dim down by step dimming to
standby mode for a certain
period of time (standby period).

After the hold time (and after standby mode if the controller have this function). The lamp will turn off until further motion is detected.


Photocell controller can control the power of the lamp to turn on and off depending on the surrounding lighting level. It will turn off the lamp during the day and turn on the lamp during the night. Making the lamp only switch only when needed.

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor controller will turn on the light when a motion is detected. Once a person enters the the area of lighting, the lamp will turn on. Motion Sensor are normally infra-red.

Occupancy Sensor

Occupancy Sensor controller will turn on the light when there is object within the area. Normally when a person enter the area the lamp will turn on and will remain turn on as long as that person remain in the area. Occupancy Sensor are normally microwave.

Zigbee Wireless controller

Zigbee wireless controller will provide wireless control to the lamp. The signal can use ethernet. WIFI or GPRS (mobile data) to control the lamp. Therefore laptops and mobile phones can be use to dim, turn off the light. Singbee software can also pre-set each lamp control to turn on or dim at certain time.

Controller Field Adjustment

Certain controllers have control that be easily assemble to make adjustment on different specification of the control required.

Hold Time

This is the time period of the which the lamp will turn on. Depending on the controller, different action will trigger the lamp to turn for a set period of time.

Standby Period

Certain controllers will keep the lamp even the hold time period has passed. This is to ensure some lighting will be provided even while the light is not being use in its immediate area. For example long hallway, even a person is not in that area but still require to see till the end of the hallway. The same apply for other areas such as large halls.

Standby Light

Certain controller provide step dimming or standby mode option As the light is not being use by surround people, therefore it is better to have lower level of dimming to provide extra energy saving. Standby light level provide some light while consuming less energy.