Have you been searching a lifetime for the perfect lamp?
Have you ever received a customer request that was difficult & expensive to fulfil?
Have you ever needed to use a LED lamp that just does the job?
Have you ever seen beautiful architecture with boring lamps?
l know I have.

There are a few reasons why we made LEDBLK. A LED block, flexible in every way, from
simple things such as lens options and LED choices to revolutionary changes that can
cover any shape and mounting requirements possible. This is a LED block designed to build your dream!

LED Street Light
LED Highbay light
LED Flood Light (9-head)
LED Flood Light (2 head)
Work Light (2 head)
LED Highbay (4 head)
CUSTOM Light(2 head)
LED Highbay (3 head)
LED ceiling light
LED ceiling light
LED Lowbay light
LED Lowbay light
LED track light
LED track light
LED Highbay ligiht
LED Highbay ligiht

Dream light LEDBLK

LEDBLK is the only product that can make your dream product come true. Singbee can make your ideas come to life or we can provide ideas for you

Connect to your dream shape

Each LEDBLK can be connected in all four different directions. Each connection is sealed by a patented 'Button' waterproof seal,providing a secure and flexible connection. This allows the L EDBLK to form any shape you desire.

Multiple Link Form

Each LEDBLK has five points that allow either a customized or existing housing to be attach. This allows the mounting or outer case of the LEDBLK to be anything you can think of.

Mounting from the side

Mounting from the back

Addtional functions

Zigbee Wireless Control

Motion Sensor


Battery Pack