Lighting Control

When the environment light is high (for example during the daytime) the photocell function will keep the light on. Even motion is detected. When the environment light is low (for example during the night) the photocell function will turn off .Once motion is detected light will turn on. After the lamp is turn on. The …

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Heat Management

As many know the life of LED is much longer compare to any other form lighting. This is a result of LED produce light without the use of heat. However, LED is also very sensitive to heat. If LED are place in an environment that is beyond temperature an LED can withstand, then the life …

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The Glaring Factor

Glare (Unified Glare Rating/UGR) Glare measurement are used if a more intense source of light dazzles the viewer’s eye. It is split into three different level Discomfort Glare (it is uncomfortable to look at, user wish to look away) Disability Glare (it distracting and causes the user to unable to perform their task) Blinding Glare (causes user to lose vision for …

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LED color temperature 4

Mood Lighting

Image showing different color of the sun at different time of day The sun is the source of life Sun have shifting color temperature from sunrise to sundown Our body biological clock (aka circadian rhythms) envolves around the sun Our eyes received the different light wavelenght and will control the level of Melatonin Color Temperature …

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