360 Series

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Singbee Offers a range of simply well-designedLED lighting at competitive price with high quality. Combining all the experience and all the possibility for LED market, is result of 360!

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360 series!
Three Key Component

Heat Management

Heat management ensures the LED lives its expected life span. Poor heat management will cause lower system efficiency and rapid decay on LED. Singbee has started heat management from LED packaging all the way to lamp design. The high heat conductive alloy module plays a key role on the design of 360. Instead of one big heat sink to dissipate heat for all LEDs, cutting the plate into several heat sink bars increase surface area further which speeds up heat dissipation. The lamp also has a special designed airflow system named ‘Natural Ventilation’ which constantly provides fresh breeze to cool down the lamp.

The core concept of 360 is flexibility. Using the three main parts of 360, more than 1,000 different combinations can be completed. Six different installation types can be changed by just using 4 simple screws. At the same time, it is very easy to replace any part of the bulb. By increasing or decreasing the number of modules, the required wattage can be achieved. This also means that if there is any problem with a combination rod, it is easy to replace it with a new one. 360’s driver and other components are easy to change.

Longer Life, Longer Warranty​

360 series is one of the best in overall performance, quality, and remarkable design within the LED industry. We are pleased to top off the advantages of 360 and offer an Industrial Leading Warranty 7-7-10: Singbee promises the finest quality by offering a 7 years warranty for the 360’s LEDs, 7 years warranty for Meanwell’s HLG series driver, and 10 years for our unique designed housing. Therefore, you can now enjoy 10 years of guarantee assurance on our 360 range.

The Driver

The LED driver is know to be ‘heart’ of the luminaries. A good driver has to have a good efficiency or it will lower the efficiency of the whole system. A good driver should also be a good protector because it the only thing between unstable electricity shocks and LED. A good driver must have a high quality, because if the driver has a problem, the whole lamp will have a problem too. Most importantly a good driver must be suitable for the LED. This is why Singbee Lighting, is working with Meanwell whom also has years of experience in making good quality drivers. Its drivers have high efficiency and long stable life. The HLG Meanwell drivers also offer dimming function too.

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